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"Its in our nature."

We are a small boutique, cannabis wholesaler born in Boulder, CO. We are minority owned by Colorado natives.  


One of our founders, Ryan Rich, is the first of the Native Alaskan Athabaskan tribe member to break into the Cannabis community in 2009 and is the first Athabaskan to be a cannabis business owner. His heritage is part of why iion stands for “it’s in our nature”.  


We take every step necessary to guarantee the highest quality flower and concentrate. We wait until the plants tell us when it is finished based on microscopic analysis of trichomes and don't harvest early to make sure the flower is in its purest form with maximum terps.  


We cure slowly, to allow the flower to maintain the smell, taste and to give a smooth smoke. We look at moisture content levels to determine when it has perfectly cured. The product is stored in containers with two-way humidity controls that keep the product fresh and terps locked.   


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